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Sen. Woodburn trying stop Constitutional Carry…

by NHFC, Inc. on September 15, 2015

Did you see Scott’s email last week?  If not I have included it below in case you missed it.

NHFC’s State House sources have told me that Senator Jeff Woodburn, (District 1, Democrat) is demanding that his caucus vote in unison to support Governor Hassan’s veto of SB 116, Constitutional Carry.

Senator Woodburn is very aware of the history surrounding the establishment of this legislation.  He knows that the state enacted this legislation to prohibit the Amoskeag Mill employees from carrying firearms after the 1922 strike.  Senator Woodburn is also aware of the current gender bias that women face when they are forced to beg permission from a Chief of Police to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection.  Yet it seems he does not care!

It seems that the party which claims to be “champions of women’s rights” are just fine with women being attacked and not able to defend themselves. Senator Woodburn’s party also claims to be the saviors of minorities yet they are willing to ignore the racist roots of New Hampshire’s concealed carry law.

Senator Woodburn should know better, but it seems from his actions that he would rather protect the Governor than allow members of his caucus to do the right thing and enact SB 116 into law.

SB 116 is very important self defense legislation.  Senator Woodburn’s behavior is an outrage.  Senators have a moral and ethical obligation to vote for or against legislation based upon the wishes of their constituents, the people who elected them, not the views of some other senator who has no idea about their districts or beliefs.

Here’s how you can help:

Contact Senator Woodburn the State Senate Minority Leader and demand that he allow members of his caucus to vote their conscience.  Remember to be polite but firm when you tell him that his behavior mirrors that of a third world dictator.  Ask him why he is afraid to allow New Hampshire residents to carry firearms free from government permission slips like residents of Maine, Vermont and 5 other states do?

It is important the you contact Senator Woodburn at both is home and Senate Office phones and emails.  We must make sure he receives our message.
524 Faraway Road
Dalton, NH 03598

Jeff Woodburn (d)
State House
Room 120
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

In Liberty,

Alan M. Rice
Training Director – NHFC

Final chance to pass Constitutional Carry…

by NHFC, Inc. on September 10, 2015

I’ll be blunt, we NEED you in Concord on September 16.  That is the date that that New Hampshire Legislature will attempt to override the Governor’s veto of SB116, Constitutional Carry.

There will be several things happening on September 16, here’s the list:

10:00am to 12:45pm – Outside the Statehouse, between the State House and the Legislative Office Building,  gather showing support of a veto override as legislators arrive.  This is the best time to meet with your State Representatives and Senators in person.

1:00pm – INSIDE FILL both the Senate and House galleries in the Legislative building

Plan your visit.  To help you, we have a parking map showing the streets and the parking limit times: Please click here to see a map with parking locations.  The State House is the crosshair.

We need all hands on deck, and the largest possible turnout to support this veto override.  One anonymous group created a website that has details about this bill and the veto override session.

Since Constitutional Carry became law in Maine, we are in between two Constitutional Carry States.  We must work to make Northern New England an undivided “Constitutional Carry Zone”!

You can see the roll call votes for SB 116 by going here.  If your Senator or Representative voted for SB 116 please thank them and politely request that they vote to override the Governor’s veto.  If they voted no please call them an persuade them that you are expecting them to undo their dastardly deeds and vote to override the Governor’s veto.

Important talking points on SB 116:

1)    We are at this juncture because of several poorly-worded State Supreme court decisions.
2)    The facts are that anyone who is lawfully allowed to own a firearm should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm.
3)    SB 116 provides for concealed carry without requiring a license, just like Vermont has done for over 200 years.  This year Maine became the sixth “Constitutional Carry” State.  New Hampshire is now located between 2 states that respect the rights of law abiding citizens.
4)    SB 116 leaves our license law in place for purposes of reciprocity with about 20 other states,and it corrects some of the language in our laws to erase the damage done by judicial overreach.
5)    SB 116 will, after the remove of some 92 years, reverse the racist history of New Hampshire’s firearms laws.  For more on this click here. And also here.
6)  The current law makes someone without a government issued license, a criminal for wearing a jacket over an openly carried firearm and this law needs to be repealed and SB116 does that.

Please click here to find your State Senators and Representatives and their contact information.

Keep fighting!

Thanks for your support.

Scott A. Krauss
Vice President – NHFC

You were ignored, Gov. Vetos Constitutional Carry…

July 10, 2015

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you that Governor Hassan has vetoed SB 116, the Constitutional carry bill that we have been fighting so hard to pass through the legislature. I was hoping that the thousands of petitions, the ceaseless phone calls, the constant stream of emails, and the drum-beat […]

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Pass SB 116 to end discrimination… ACTION NEEDED!

June 29, 2015

We are down to the wire on SB 116, Constitutional Carry, if you want all the details about the racist roots of New Hampshire gun laws please read this entire alert.  If, however, you only have time to read this paragraph please understand that telephone calls are now needed to Governor Hassan urging her to […]

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SB 116- NHFC Member’s Letters Delivered to Governor Hassan

June 20, 2015

On June 10, NHFC Board Member, Alan Rice,  delivered a large amount of printed emails in support of Constitutional Carry from NHFC Members and Friends to Governor Hasssan’s Office.    Unfortunately, Alan was not able to speak with the Governor but he conveyed the importance of passing SB 116, Constitutional Carry to Peter “The Receptionist”.    Hopefully, […]

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JUST IN — The racist roots of NH gun laws!!!!!!

June 2, 2015

You may have heard of the Womens Defense League of New Hampshire.  They do some terrific work advocating for womens rights, specifically the right to armed self defense. What you may not know is that they have also done some significant research on the racist origins of New Hampshire R.S.A. 159:6, New Hampshire’s concealed carry […]

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Please call Governor Hassan, RE: SB 116

May 23, 2015

Several NHFC Members have told me that their emails may not be reaching Governor Hassan.  We have also learned that there are some problems with the contact form on the Governors website. It is very important that Governor Hassan hear from you, the grassroots gun owner.  She needs to know you want her to sign […]

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Action still needed to pass Constitutional Carry….

May 19, 2015

Calls, emails, faxes and letters are still needed to persuade Governor Hassan to sign SB 116, Constitutional Carry into law. News of licensing violations continues to flood our organization. For instance, we’ve learned that the Hopkinton Police Department has created their own personal variation of our state CCL application. This is a clear violation of […]

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Constitutional carry advances to full House, action needed….

April 14, 2015

I am happy to report that last week, the New Hampshire House, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, voted SB 116, Constitutional Carry, “ought to pass”.  This is a very important step in making Constitutional Carry the law in New Hampshire.  However, there is still more work to do. SB 116 will now be considered […]

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Trouble in Concord, more action needed…

April 7, 2015

First the good news, your calls and emails worked, SB 124, the bill that would have abolished District Court Probable Cause Hearings was REMOVED from the budget bill, HB 2 on Wednesday.  However, the House Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings on SB 124 so we still need to work to stop this bad bill […]

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