Butler’s revenge and gun control in the Senate…

by NHFC, Inc. on February 23, 2014

After we killed HB 1589 (sell a gun to a friend go to jail), we warned you that the anti-gun left in the New Hampshire House would not stop!  We told you that they would use any means available to pass gun control and the Bloomberg agenda.   Well, it didn’t take very long…

NHFC Board Member and State Rep. JR Hoell introduced HB 1264.  It is a simple bill that would allow Vermont residents to carry concealed in New Hampshire without a license, just like they do at home.  And just like New Hampshire residents do when they visit Vermont.   On Feb. 20, the House Criminal Justice Committee, in an UNDERHANDED Executive Session decided to use this formerly pro-gun bill as a vehicle to PUSH THE BLOOMBERG AGENDA!!!

They removed all of the strong Second Amendment protections put in by Rep. Hoell and replaced it with language that establishes a commission to “study” the so called “link” between firearms and violence in New Hampshire.  They have stacked the “commission” with anti-gun ideologues including a member to be appointed by the anti-gun Governor Hassan. More details are in a Nashua Telegraph article.

Some folks can be fooled by the Left, but NHFC and its members already KNOW what the “commission” will likely recommend:

  • Gut the Second Amendment and restrict firearms as much as possible;
  • Promote magazine and gun bans;
  • Restrict concealed carry; and,
  • Restrict ammunition.

Remember, these are Bloomberg’s minions in New Hampshire!

This so called “commission” is the brain child of anti-gun Reps. Ed Butler, Elaine Andrews-Ahearn and Steven Shurtleff.  The same people who were trying desperately to pass HB 1589, “sell a gun to a friend go to jail”.  After the vote to kill HB 1589 Rep. Andrews-Ahearn said: “We’re not giving up”.

Unfortunately,  gutting HB 1264 and replacing it with an anti-gun bill is not the only problem we are facing in Concord.

Anti-gun Senator Sharon Carson is trying to make the radically anti-gun SB 244 “less anti-gun” so that it might just pass.  Our Concord sources told me that she is working behind the scenes on an amendment to the original bill and she is trying to pass it when no one is paying attention.

I have some news for Senator Carson, NHFC ALWAYS pays attention.
Examples of abuse in the New Hampshire Commitment and Guardianship Laws are common and well known.  A recent example involves Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro where Noreen Cousins was held against her will for 6 days!!! She is now suing the hospital.  Click here for the full story.

Senator Carson is working with an anti-gun organization masquerading as “Pro-Gun”.  This group claims that S.B. 244 doesn’t “create” any new “disqualifiers.”  This is a lie.  There are tens of millions of Americans who are theoretically “prohibited persons” under the Veterans Disarmament Act’s definitions.  But what turns these tens of millions of persons from “theoretical prohibited persons” into actual prohibited persons is when their names are forwarded to the FBI NICS system, as S.B. 244, as introduced, would have done.  Just like in the case of Noreen Cousins mentioned above.

If SB 244 is allowed to move to the House, Reps. Butler, Andrews-Ahearn and Shurtleff will surely make it even more anti-gun than it already is.  It needs to die in the Senate. And fast!

I need you to do 2 things right now:

1) Call ALL your State Reps.  If you do not know who they are click here to find out.

Tell the Reps. that you resent seeing Rep. Butler attempt to extract revenge on gun owners by pushing gun control after the strong vote to kill HB 1589 on Feb 12.  Tell your Reps. to oppose any motion to pass the amended version of HB 1264 and to support Inexpedient to Legislate, (ITL).

2) Call your Senator and tell him that the Senate needs to kill SB 244.  Tell your Senator that any version of SB 244 that moves to the House will be made more anti gun than it already is.  Urge your Senators to vote ITL on SB 244 in ANY FORM!

Find your Senator by clicking here.

Please forward any emails that you receive from Reps. or Senators to NHFC by clicking here.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

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