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Ayotte working against gun owners…

by NHFC, Inc. on July 3, 2014

Our friends at Gun Owners of America (GOA) just issued an alert to inform us that Sen. Kelly Ayotte has teamed up with some anti-gun U.S. Senators, who are attempting to trick voters into believing they are pro-gun. It’s an election year, and so we should expect this sort of thing from politicians, but we aren’t going to let them get away with it. Quite frankly I am shocked that Sen. Ayotte would work with this group.

Below you’ll find the text of GOA’s message, and you can use the link provided under “Immediate Action Required” to push back, and make sure Sen. Ayotte and the others don’t get away with their election-year deceit.

Thanks for your support.
A Message from Gun Owners of America: 
Once again, anti-gun Senators like Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mark Begich (D-AK), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Mark Pryor (D-AR) are trying to trick gun owners into supporting them in their upcoming tough races for reelection in pro-gun states.

At the core of their slimy scheme is a do-nothing bill being pushed as the Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363).  North Carolina’s Kay Hagan, who voted FOR the universal gun registry bill, is the chief sponsor.

Other chief cosponsors are Mary Landrieu (who also voted for universal gun registration) and Mark Begich and Mark Pryor (who, according to Harry Reid’s staff, would have cast the deciding votes for that universal gun registry bill, had their votes been needed).  It’s also cosponsored by anti-gun leader Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The Sportsmen’s Act is, substantively, largely a “nothing-burger.”  People could hunt on federal lands — unless Obama didn’t want them to.  Dedicated funds (from the Pittman-Robertson tax) could be used for ranges — but don’t have to be, and probably wouldn’t be.

Moreover, Section 107(b)(4)(B) of the bill says that the BLM or Forest Service can close down federal public lands that can be used for hunting and recreational purposes for a host of reasons, including “public safety.”  Anyone want to bet that these agencies won’t find reasons to do so?

But the bill’s not about substance.  It’s about reelecting its anti-gun sponsors — virtually all of them red-state Democrats who face tough reelection battles in pro-gun states.  This, incidentally, is the same bill that was used to reelect Montana’s Jon Tester (D).  And, although he pretended to be “pro-gun” before the election, after the election, Tester was the Second Amendment’s worst enemy.

The good news is this:  Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) are prepared to offer genuine pro-gun amendments to this bill — like defunding Operation Choke Point and more.

But here’s the problem:  Anti-gun Senator Harry Reid will try to use a procedural tactic called an “amendment tree” to block Lee, Paul, and Cruz from offering any pro-gun amendments.

These pro-gun Senators want to offer good amendments like concealed carry reciprocity, but that won’t be possible if Harry Reid blocks their ability to offer pro-gun amendments with an “amendment tree.”

And the reason is clear:  Genuine pro-gun amendments would put anti-gun senators like Hagan, Pryor, Landrieu, and Begich on the spot.  It would reveal that their sponsorship of this “nothing-burger” bill doesn’t mean that they are “pro-gun,” but rather that they are anti-gun frauds.

But in order to retain Paul, Lee, and Cruz’ right to offer pro-gun amendments, Republicans will have to block Reid’s efforts to shut down their filibuster of the bill and the motion to proceed to it — until Reid commits to dismantle his “amendment tree” and allow them to offer their amendments.

In other words, we need to say to Reid:  No pro-gun amendments = no fake bill.

ACTION:  Urge your Senators to oppose Harry Reid’s cheat scheme in pushing the Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363), which is nothing more than a do-nothing, reelection bill for Harry Reid’s cronies.  Tell your Senators to oppose the bill unless Reid allows pro-gun amendments to be offered.


Use the link above to send an email to Sen. Ayotte and let her know that you have caught her working with anti gun Senators and you are not happy that her co-sponsorship of S. 2363 will not advance Second Amendment Civil Rights but might just re-elect some anti-gun US Senators.

In Liberty,

Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

The lies just keep on coming…. from Scott Brown

by NHFC, Inc. on June 12, 2014

For months, we have been telling you about Scott Brown’s anti-gun activities.  If you need a review, all past informational messages are on our website.

Click here for details on his gun ban record.

And here you can learn about how he wants you jailed for carrying a gun.

We have clearly explained how Scott Brown has more in common with Barack Obama and Eric Holder than New Hampshire firearms owners.

If you click here you will see how NHFC exposed Brown’s relationship with an anti-gun company in Florida.

Last week the Boston Globe did an extensive report on Brown’s connection to that anti-gun company, Global Digital Solutions.  We previously reported on how Global Digital Solutions wants to include RFID chips and other electronics in firearms.  Things that will make it easy for the government to track your guns and harder for you to defend yourself.

The Boston Globe report is detailed and explains that Global Digital Solutions does not appear to have any sales, patents or products.  It further describes how the stock has declined sharply in value over the past several months from approximately 98 cents per share to 48 cents per share.

Due to NHFC exposing this cozy corporate relationship, combined with the report in the Boston Globe, Brown has resigned from the Advisory Board of Global Digital Solutions. That was also reported by the Boston Globe.  Brown is quoted as saying:

“… I am resigning my advisory position with the company and relinquishing all my rights to the restricted stock that has been granted me, effective immediately.”

The Globe reported that Brown was granted 1.5 MILLION shares of restricted stock, from which he is now walking away.  At the recent price of 48 cents per share that equals about $720,000.

The average New Hampshire citizen could likely not afford to simply “walk away” from $720,000. These continued acts further expose the elitist culture in which this power-hungry politician lives.

We previously reported that when Brown does attend an event, such as a recent Gun Owners of New Hampshire meeting, his staff clears the room of any cameras, recorders and reporters.  What is Brown afraid of?

The Nashua Telegraph is now reporting that Brown may have lied to the Merrimack Business Association. He declined an invitation to attend their candidates forum to be held on June 18.  He said he had a previous engagement and asked for another time to meet with the Business Association.  A time when he would be there alone, with no other candidates??? You can’t get away with your political maneuvering here Mr. Brown!

Brown has a habit of avoiding events where there might be other candidates.  On April 8 he did not attend a debate at the Bedford Public Library. What is Brown afraid of?

It has now been reported that Brown sought to meet with the Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board on June 18.  It sure looks like he asked for the meeting to avoid appearing at the Merrimack Business Association forum with the other declared candidates, (all of whom are far friendlier to the Second Amendment than Brown).

NOTE: The Nashua Telegraph is now a subscription website, unless you are a subscriber the above link will not work.

Not only is Scott Brown an anti-gun elitist, but he seems to work hard at avoiding events where he might have to answer direct questions and debate another candidate.  Scott Brown certainly appears to be the consummate establishment insider candidate.  Will you let the establishment select the next US Senator or will the people of New Hampshire make this important decision?

Read, stay engaged, and don’t be fooled!  Talk to your friends, talk to your fellow gun owners, and write letters to the editor.  The Republican party can do better than Scott Brown.  New Hampshire deserves better.

Keep Fighting!

In Liberty,

Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

Lies, Damn Lies and Scott Brown…

June 2, 2014

Abraham Lincoln famously said that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but apparently nobody ever told Scott Brown, or for that matter, the leaders of the New Hampshire Republican party. In case you don’t know, Scott Brown is a former Republican US Senator from Massachusetts.  He’s looking to win the [...]

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It’s time to protest Scott Brown… again…

May 17, 2014

Apparently a former Massachusetts resident has yet to realize that here in New Hampshire we actually love our firearms. We have a long and proud tradition of protecting our values, and can be downright stubborn and patriotic about protecting those things that we hold near and dear. Our neighbors to the south tend to be [...]

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Politicians trying to silence NHFC – Action Needed….

May 13, 2014

This past week, the “Election Law” committee voted SB120 Ought To Pass and this bill is scheduled for a full vote in the House on May 14th! Senate Bill 120 is the ultimate “Incumbent Protection Act”.  This bill is designed to specifically make it hard for grassroots organizations to report on how the NH Senators [...]

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Urge State Reps to Defeat SB 244…

April 29, 2014

We have been warning you about SB 244 since January.  The bill has been through the legislative process and is almost dead.  Even after the amended version passed the Senate, and many of the more overt anti-gun provisions were removed, we had concerns about the entire process. The House Judiciary committee unanimously voted to kill [...]

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Scott Brown wants you jailed for carrying a gun…

April 18, 2014

Scott and I have been warning you for months that so-called establishment Republicans were actively recruiting anti-gun former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown to run for US Senate in New Hampshire. These so-called leaders want a win, any win, and they think they might have that with anti-gun Scott Brown.  They are prepared to throw the [...]

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Scott Brown, Eric Holder and Barack Obama…

April 14, 2014

Last week we told you about Scott Brown’s insidious relationship with Global Digital Solutions. We explained that the former Massachusetts Senator is an advisor to a firm that is trying to force feed unreliable computerized guns onto the American people.  This fits neatly with the Obama – Holder gun control scheme. Earlier this month, when [...]

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More details on Scott Brown’s gun ban record…

April 12, 2014

After Jon sent you his report on anti-gun Scott Brown (see below) we were contacted by Anthony Bouchard of Guns and Liberty Radio.  Mr. Bouchard requested to interview an NHFC official about the anti-gun record of Scott Brown. I am very proud to report, that on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, NHFC Board Member Alan Rice [...]

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Scott Brown looking to cash in big on gun control.

April 7, 2014

Last year we warned you that Scott Brown was anti-gun and the Republican State Committee was actively recruiting him to run for US Senate.  NHFC members picketed a Republican party fundraiser in Nashua to underscore Scott Brown’s gun ban attitude. But it looks like the State Party did not get the message. It is unfortunate [...]

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