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Sell a gun to a friend, go to jail! Action needed…

by NHFC, Inc. on February 12, 2015

When the General Court is in session, eternal vigilance is needed or rights will be lost.

The gun ban crowd is pushing HB 650, a bill that will put you in jail for up to a year for selling a gun to a friend or neighbor.  That’s right, under the provision of HB 650 you can’t even dispose of your private personal property without going to a licensed firearms dealer.

HB 650 seeks to redefine a private transaction between 2 friends as a so called “commercial sale”.  Don’t be confused by this rhetoric.  Licensed dealers engage in “”commercial sales”.  Regular people who sell or give a firearm to a friend or relative are not dealers.  Under HB 650 those regular people could go to jail for selling a gun to a friend or family member.

This bill will criminalize commonplace activities you probably don’t even think about.  Ever loan your rifle to a friend on a hunting trip?  Ever let a friend try out one of your guns at the shooting range?  If HB 650 is passed, these are the kinds of things that could land you in jail!

HB 650 is so broad that any transfer that is not completed by a licensed dealer subjects the transferor to the penalties of a misdemeanor!

If you think that’s bad, this new bill — House Bill 650-FN — would set the stage for putting the names of New Hampshire gun owners into a national gun registry.  It would do this by requiring that virtually any gun transaction in New Hampshire — private or commercial — be subject to a Brady Check.

Thus, if you lived in Stark or Fitzwilliam and wanted to sell your gun to your lifetime next door neighbor, you and he would have to take a day off and drive to a federal firearms licensee.

Once you got there, you might very well face the dirty little secret of the Brady Law:  The system is frequently down for long periods of time — sometimes an entire weekend.  And 8% of all inquiries result in “false positives” — normally because your name is similar to someone else’s.

Now, under the language of the Brady Law, it is legally permissible for you and your neighbor to take a day off three days later and drive back to the firearms dealer, accompanied by your neighbor.  The problem is this:  Most false positives never go “green.”  Most dealers won’t sell a firearm unless the FBI transmits a “green.”  And most people who try to get the FBI to correct its records are given the brush-off.

But that’s not all:  Recently, BATF has gone into gun dealers in connection with its annual inspection and demanded to be allowed to copy all information from the dealer’s bound book and 4473′s — thus compiling a de facto gun registry.

So the drafters of House Bill 650-FN claim that they prohibit a state or local firearms registry?  Surprise!  BATF is not a “state or local agency.”  And it doesn’t consider its list of all gun owners to  be a “registry.”

Consider how this bill would have failed to prevent Newtown (stolen gun), Aurora (passed background check), Tucson (passed background check), and practically every other modern American tragedy.  This bill wouldn’t make anyone safer, it’s just another cynical attempt by Bloomberg-backed gun-grabbers to marginalize gun-owners, stigmatize gun ownership, and pave the way for the elimination of your gun rights.

Here’s what you need to do to help, HB 650 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Thursday, February 19 at 9:00 AM. The hearing is scheduled to be held in Room 201 in the Legislative Office Building.  Please try to attend this hearing and sign in to oppose HB 650.  Please also call and email the committee members and urge them to vote HB 650 “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL).

Click here for a list of all members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.  When you go to the committee webpage, you will be able to click on each committee members name to send a personal email.

HB 650 is sponsored by some of the most anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom idealogues in New Hampshire.  The sponsors are:

Rep. Katherine Rogers (603)496-8521
Rep. David Borden (603)436-4132
Rep. Skip Berrien (603) 580-1240
Rep. Len Len DiSesa (603) 343-4344
Rep. Robert Cushing (603) 926-2737
Sen. David Pierce (603) 271-8631 (recently voted against SB 116 Constitutional Carry)

Please contact the committee members and bill sponsors to let them know that you strongly oppose ANY attempt to prohibit the private sale of firearms in New Hampshire.  You need to be polite but firm when you explain to these legislators that HB 650 might make them “feel like they are doing something” but in reality nothing needs to be done.  There is no proof, anywhere that there has been any problems with allowing law abiding, peaceable, state residents to sell or trade firearms (that they lawfully own) to one another.

Private parties cannot order firearms through the mail or UPS, only licensed dealers can do that. HB 650 only addresses face to face private sales.

The content of HB 650 comes straight from the play book of former New York City Mayor Bloomberg and his pals, Gabby Giffords and her anti-gun husband Mark Kelly.  They are trying to make the rest of America like the “crime free” mecca that Mayor Bloomberg ruled for 12 years.  Not!

Don’t be fooled, HB 650 is part of a coordinated national effort and it is just the beginning. If successful they will push for sweeping gun and magazine bans and bans on concealed carry!

Please also let these legislators know (because they are most likely ignorant about firearms) that dealers are licensed, but private parties are currently free and should remain free to dispose of their property as they see fit.

Thanks for your support!

Your New Hampshire Firearms Coalition Leadership Team

Did you see Jon’s email on Wednesday?  I have attached a copy in case you missed it.  We are counting on you, the grassroots gun owner to help us to pass SB 116, Constitutional Carry.  This legislation is sorely needed and will stop licensing abuses by state and local authorities.

If someone can lawfully own a firearm, we here at NHFC believe that they should be allowed to carry it, openly or concealed.  Some disagree and refuse to issue licenses according to the law.  SB 116 will make those licensing authorities irrelevant because a license will no longer be required for concealed carry.  However, if you travel interstate and wish to take advantage of reciprocity, you may voluntarily obtain a license.

Gun Owners of America also thinks that SB 116 is a good bill that should become law.

Please call and email your Senators and ask them to vote SB 116 “ought to pass” without any amendments or changes!  Constitutional Carry is long overdue in New Hampshire.

SB 116 can be brought up to the full Senate at any time, please don’t wait.  Call and email now!

Click here to find your Senator.

Let the Senators know that you strongly support SB 116 and that you expect them to vote the bill “ought to pass” without delay and without any amendments or changes.  A few, very anti-gun Police Chiefs, being led by Chief Shagoury from Tuftonboro and Chief Goldstein from Franklin are lying to legislators and the media about what SB 116 will do.  They are claiming that felons will be allowed to carry guns; NOT TRUE!  They also said 6 year olds could bring guns to school, NOT TRUE!  These Police Chiefs don’t seem to trust people…. not surprising.  I heard that Chief Goldstein is a psychologist… if true that certainly explains some of his anti gun views.  Please let your Senators know that appointed officials, Police Chiefs, do not make law, they enforce the law.  Elected officials, Senators and Representatives make the laws.

If you live in Tuftonboro or Franklin  you should contact your Selectmen or Mayor and ask them how they feel about their Police Chiefs spending their time lobbying the legislature instead of keeping their towns safe.

Back in 2011, several anti-gun, anti-self-defense police chiefs opposed the “stand your ground” law.  They made absurd claims.  Now that the law is 4 years old, it is obvious that the chiefs were wrong in 2011 and they are wrong today about “Constitutional Carry”.

You can write your own note or click here and scroll to the end and use the GOA pre-written letter to Senators.

Please send a copy to of any emails that you receive from your Senators.

We all need to work together to pass this important legislation.

In Liberty,

Scott A. Krauss
Vice President, NHFC
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Subject:  Constitutional carry moves to full senate, calls needed….
Date:     Wed, 4 Feb 2015 01:24:31 +0000
From:     Jonathan R. Evans, Esq. President, NHFC <>
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NHFC: New Hampshire's Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization
Dear Patriots and Warriors,Victory, in our first battle in the war to make Constitutional Carry the law of New Hampshire!NHFC can now confirm that SB 116 has come out of the Senate Judiciary committee with a recommendation of “Ought To Pass”!

We have a long road ahead but this is a great start and we thank all of you for doing your part.

One thing you should know is that the vote was NOT unanimous. It was 3 to 1 in favor. The vote came down as follows:

Senator Carson, voted YES
Senator Cataldo, Voted YES
Senator Daniels, voted YES
Senator Pierce, voted NO
Senator Lasky, ABSENT

The message we received was clear but not perfect. “Why should law enforcement waste time and resources issuing licenses to the law abiding instead of enforcing the law against real criminals?”  This is absolutely correct; the mere carrying of a gun without a license should note be a crime!

So why was the vote not unanimously in favor?  It should have been, but sometimes Senators misunderstand that the police do not make law, they enforce the law.  A few anti-gun police chiefs have been vocally opposing SB 116; just like they opposed the “stand your ground” self defense law which was passed in 2011.  Senators need to be reminded of this.

SB 116 now moves on to the full Senate.  A vote could come very soon. Please contact your Senators, now, don’t wait.  Click here to find your Senator.

You can use the pre-written letter from Gun Owners of America or draft your own and simply state you are in favor of SB 116, Constitutional Carry and want it to be the law in NH.  Please vote “ought to pass” when SB 116 comes before the full Senate.

Keep Fighting!

In Liberty,

Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

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