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by NHFC, Inc. on August 31, 2016

Last month we released our grades for incumbents and their challengers running for reelection to federal offices.  If you missed the email click here to see the incumbents grades and click here to see the challengers grades.

Now it is time to add to that list by releasing the grades for all candidates running for Governor of New Hampshire.
In both parties there are pro-gun candidates. We need to get out to support those that stand up to defend our right to keep and bear arms.

Sadly, the Democrat candidates for Governor are all gun banning elitists.  They all refused to complete our survey.  However, they have made their views on firearms civil rights issues very clear in this WMUR interview.  Thus, we have graded them all as follows:

Colin Van Ostern (D) Grade F-RS
Mark Connolly (D) Grade F-RS
Steve Marchand (D)  Grade F-RS
Derek Dextraze (D) Grade ?-RS — Did not participate in the WMUR broadcast and did not return a survey.

In the Republican primary there is a wide disparity among the gubernatorial candidates on firearms civil rights issues. Three of them even refused to answer our survey.  We have graded the Republican candidates as follows:State Rep. Frank Edelblut (R) A+

Rep. Edelblut is a new House member and he has come out as a strong Second Amendment advocate by sponsoring floor amendments to add Constitutional Carry to so called “must pass” bills. He has also voted 100% pro-gun on all bills this year.  Furthermore, unlike some, he has published numerous pieces of campaign literature that demonstrate that the civil rights of gun owners are more than just a theory for him.  For example, in one campaign piece he even mentions his own home range.

Mayor Ted Gatsas (R)  C – RS

When Mayor Gatsas was a State Senator he opposed Constitutional Carry, on February 19, 2004 then Senator Gatsas voted Nay on SB 454, Constitutional Carry. He has also publicly declared that those who have been “put on a list” as “mentally unhealthly” should be stripped of their civil rights.  He was confronted over this and told that the list is imperfect and there is no way to be removed from the list, but that did not matter.  He still wants to add more names to the no guns allowed list.  Therefore, for not returning a completed survey, wanting to add names to NICS and voting against Constitutional Carry he has been given a C (RS).  We have not been able to find a campaign phone for him, but we do have a phone for one of his staffers, “Nate”. You should contact “Nate” and demand that Mayor Gatsas turn in a survey to NHFC at once 978-290-3635.

Senator Jeanie Forrester (R) C – RS

Author of the pink Glock commercial.  Given that commercial and her “claims” that she loves the 2nd amendment one would think that she is great on firearms civil rights issues.  Sadly, this is all marketing hype. Senator Forrester is anything but a Second Amendment supporter.  She told NHFC Vice President Alan Rice that she is quite comfortable restricting access to the Statehouse. Senator Forrester is a member of the committee that made the decision to lock the doors. At least for the public, Senator Forrester and other politicians can use any door they please.  Her voting record is mixed and she holds campaign events at the Common Man Restaurant. The Common Man is owned by Alex Ray.  An anti-gun activist who works closely with Gabby Giffords.

Executive Councilor Chris Sununu (R) C – RS

As an Executive Councilor Chris Sununu provided zero, none, didn’t help firearms owners when the Department of Safety and the Fish and Game Department both used taxpayer funds to send staff members to the Statehouse to oppose bills like Constitutional Carry and rifles in cars. Councilor Sununu has also been endorsed by the notoriously anti-gun Gov. John Kasich.  Of course Gov. Kasich is just returning the favor since the candidates brother John E. Sununu supported anti-gun Kasich for President.  Here at NHFC we do judge people by the company they keep.  Furthermore, while not directly gun related, a recent report questions his ties to Islamists.  We remain deeply suspicious of Councilor Sununu.

I hope these grades are helpful.  Please watch your email for additional grades and your postal mail for a final scorecard on all candidates.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,

Scott A. Krauss
President – NHFC

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