Action needed: Police opposing Constitutional Carry

by NHFC, Inc. on February 15, 2017

We have been telling you about the status of SB 12, Constitutional Carry as it moves through the legislative process.  Today, I want to update you about the aggressive, anti-gun activities of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police (NHACOP).  These public employees are using their official titles and your tax dollars to lobby against your civil right to be armed.  We must counter the lies!

The NHACOP has released a press release attacking SB 12 that is not truthful.  They are urging citizens to contact Governor Sununu and oppose SB 12.

We need to double our efforts.  Calls and emails are still needed to make sure that Governor Sununu stands firm and honors his pledge to sign SB 12.  Please contact Governor Chris Sununu and let him know that you support SB 12, Constitutional Carry.  This is very important, our enemies are attempting to flood his office with calls and emails and he must hear from firearms owners.Tell Governor Sununu that you will rely upon the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition to keep you informed of their actions on  SB 12, Constitutional Carry.

Now, here are the details about the anti-gun NHACOP and what you can do to fight back.  Anti-gun Chief Andrew Shagoury of Tuftonboro published a letter to the editor in Fosters.  The same text was posted on the NHACOP’s Facebook page as a press release and in case it is removed, we made a screenshot.  The claims stop short of being truthful.  For instance, SB 12 does not change who can carry a firearm and where it can be carried.  Students who are enrolled in schools are still subject to the policies set by the local school board.  Pursuant to federal law, a minor may only posses a handgun if the minor has written permission from a parent or guardian. Criminals, remain prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms. Existing law which stipulates who is prohibited is not being changed by SB 12.

What the bill does, is to define a reasonable standard on who can carry a firearm concealed and to eliminate the abuse of the word “suitable”  by anti-gun activists like Andrew Shagoury.  In some towns just speaking against the police department budget at town meeting means you might be “un-suitable”.  SB 12 also removes the requirement to obtain a license to carry concealed on your person or loaded in a vehicle.  It is important to note that New Hampshire is different from most other “open carry states”, because a license is required for “loaded in a vehicle”.  SB 12 will eliminate this requirement and restore some freedom in New Hampshire.

These anti-gun police chiefs are creating an “us against them” adversarial relationship with the citizens who employ them.  We see this in anti-gun states like New York and New Jersey.  This is new to New Hampshire and we must fight back.

Here is what you can do to help, first, if your local club allows any police departments to use your range.  Object loudly and let the club officers know that these are people who are hostile to your civil right to be armed. They should not be welcome at any private gun range in the state.  The NHACOP conducts fundraisers.  Do not financially support this anti-gun organization.  They are no different from anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Would you support Everytown for Gun Safety?

Please forward this email to your club’s leadership.  Ask them to forward it to the membership.  Every firearms owner needs to understand who is fighting against their civil right to be armed.

Ironically, a few years ago they raffled firearms.    If they ever raffle firearms again, boycott any firearms dealer who helps them by conducting transfers.  Tell the dealer why you now consider them an enemy of freedom.

Click here to see the leadership of this anti-gun activist organization.  Is your local chief on the list?  Town meetings will be starting soon.  Now is a good time to question Boards of Selectmen and your public employees about their out of town activities.  We have seen these anti-gun Chiefs arrive at the statehouse in a town vehicle while wearing a town uniform.  Do you really want your tax money used to fund anti-gun activism?

Please don’ forget to contact Governor Chris Sununu and let him know that you support SB 12, Constitutional Carry. 

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,

Scott A. Krauss
President – NHFC

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