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by NHFC, Inc. on April 13, 2017

We still need calls and emails to stop the nomination of anti-gun David Patch to serve a 5 year term on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.

Even though calls and emails are still needed, we have heard from sources inside the Statehouse that your calls and emails are starting to work.  But the fight is not over and we need to keep the pressure on.

The facts are in: David Patch, as Vice Chairman, seconded and voted for not one, but two, blatantly anti-gun motions on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.  Then, when he got caught, he tried to explain it all away by blaming it on some unnamed attorney.

We still do not have firm commitments from the Executive Council so I need you to keep calling and emailing them.

The Executive Council is expected to vote on the Patch renomination on Wednesday, April 19.  Please contact your Executive Councilor and urge him to vote NO on the confirmation vote for David Patch.  Click here for contact and district information for all 5 Executive Councilors.

If you prefer, you can also call the Council Office at (603) 271-3632 and leave a message for your Councilor to vote NO on David Patch.


Dear Councilor,

On April 19, please vote against the nomination of David Patch to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.  As a Commissioner, David Patch seconded the motions to oppose SB 12 Constitutional Carry and HB 84 to end the ban on loaded firearms in vehicles; a possessory only gun offense.  David Patch has been actively lobbying the legislature on firearms specific legislation that has nothing to do with the stated purpose of the Commission in R.S.A. 206:4-a which includes:
Establishment of positions on proposed legislation that affects fish, wildlife, and marine resources and the overall management of the fish and game department.

Furthermore, as per R.S.A. 206:4-a, the Commission is supposed to be “the citizens’ representatives, to be the stewards of the fish, wildlife, and marine resources of the state of New Hampshire…”  Its clear that actively opposing bills such as SB 12 which was enacted into law on February 22, is not acting as the “citizens’ representative, to be the stewards of the fish wildlife and marine resources”.

Defeating the nomination of David Patch is a much needed step in reforming the Fish and Game Commission.

Thanks for you Consideration, very truly yours,

Please also contact the Governors Office at (603) 271-2121 or click here to use his email contact form.   Ask Governor Sununu to withdraw the anti-gun Patch nomination.  Tell him to admit that he made a mistake by renominating David Patch.

When you call, please remember, the receptionists are not the enemy.  They receive phone calls all day long about all sorts of issues.  The best thing you can do is be very kind and polite to the receptionist.  They do remember being treated well.

In response to my last 2 emails – posted here and here – many of you replied with reports of the abusive, heavy-handed tactics of Conservation Officers. In many cases, those officers violated your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights against warrantless searches and self incrimination. We posted some of your reports on our website. Keep ’em coming!!!!

Your reports prompted me to find out if there were other anti-gun activists on the Fish and Game Commission and to look at how the department is managed. Since the votes to oppose Constitutional Carry and decriminalization of carrying rifles and shotguns were unanimous, I guess the entire Fish and Game Commission is populated with anti-gun activists.

I conclude that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is truly a rogue, out-of-control agency, that is poorly managed. The Commissioners have failed in their duty to supervise the department. You might recall that last year, I reported to you about the anti-gun activities of Fish and Game’s Chief of Law Enforcement, Col. Kevin Jordan.

The department seeks approval of a $33 million annual budget in each of the next two years!  Of that $33 million/year, some $9 million is expected to come from a 10% Federal Excise tax levied on firearms and ammunition. You don’t see this Federal tax on your purchase receipt, because manufacturers pay it and add it to their wholesale price.

This Federal “gun and ammo” tax revenue is distributed to the states for wildlife programs. This seems quite wrong: there’s no obvious link between wildlife management and AR15-type rifles, concealed carry handguns, and defensive ammunition. This federal tax should be repealed.
Despite getting this $9 million in Federal money – in addition to revenue from license fees, hike-safe cards, fines, and fishing tournament fees – Fish and Game wants more!!!

Thanks to poor management, Fish and Game wants a further $750,000 per year from general tax revenues. Those who don’t hunt or fish will still have to fund the anti-gun Fish and Game Department, beyond the tax dollars you contribute when you buy firearms and ammunition!!!

Curbing Fish and Game’s anti-gun activism starts with changing the Commission. A good first step is to defeat the nomination of David Patch. He’s a bad-to-the-bone anti-gun zealot.

Please take the action listed above!  Stopping David Patch is a needed first step in reforming the anti-gun Fish and Game Department.  When the budget starts moving through the legislature, I’ll send another email and explain what you need to do to push back against Fish and Game!

Thanks for your support!

Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

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