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by NHFC, Inc. on April 18, 2017

This will be a busy week in Concord and I really need your help with two important tasks.

First, we are working hard to decriminalize the carrying of loaded rifles and shotguns.  For details, please click here and then please take action as explained below.

To help decriminalize carrying loaded rifles and shotguns, please do these two things:

1) Please contact your State Senator and ask that they support Senator Avard’s attempt to introduce Rep. Proulx’s amendment on the Senate floor.  Ask your Senators to vote for the amendment that will decriminalize the carrying of loaded rifles and shotguns and restore HB 84 to its original intent.

Sample email:

Dear Senator,

Please vote for the amendment by Senator Avard to HB 84 which will decriminalize the carrying of loaded rifles or shotguns.  This amendment will not allow road hunting or shooting at wild game from a vehicle.  It will only decriminalize the carrying of loaded rifles or shotguns.  The Avard amendment is consistent with Article 2a of the New Hampshire Constitution and will restore HB 84 to its original intent.

Thanks for your expected support.

Please click here for contact information for all State Senators.

2) Please contact Senate President Chuck Morse and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley ask them to support the Avard Amendment to HB 84.  Please thank them for passing SB 12, Constitutional Carry and then explain that it is vitally important that HB 84 be amended so that law abiding persons are not subject to arrest and prosecution for merely possessing a loaded rifle or shotgun.  Let Senate President Morse and Majority Leader Bradley know that we must not punish people for merely possessing firearms.  Tell them that HB 84 is just as important as SB 12 was.

Senator Chuck Morse (603)271-8472 or email:
Senator Jeb Bradley (603)271-2609 or email:

Second, after you have taken action to decriminalize the carrying of loaded rifles and shotguns, I need you to contact your Executive Councilors one last time so that we can defeat the nomination of anti-gun David Patch to the Fish and Game Commission.  Click here for details about this anti-gun activist.

The Executive Council is expected to vote on the Patch renomination on Wednesday, April 19.  Please contact your Executive Councilor and urge him to vote NO on the confirmation vote for David Patch.  Click here for contact and district information for all 5 Executive Councilors.SAMPLE EMAIL TO EXECUTIVE COUNCILORS:

Dear Councilor,

On April 19, please vote against the nomination of David Patch to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.  As a Commissioner, David Patch seconded the motions to oppose SB 12 Constitutional Carry and HB 84 to end the ban on loaded firearms in vehicles; a possessory only gun offense.  David Patch has been actively lobbying the legislature on firearms specific legislation that has nothing to do with the stated purpose of the Commission in R.S.A. 206:4-a which includes:
Establishment of positions on proposed legislation that affects fish, wildlife, and marine resources and the overall management of the fish and game department.

Furthermore, as per R.S.A. 206:4-a, the Commission is supposed to be “the citizens’ representatives, to be the stewards of the fish, wildlife, and marine resources of the state of New Hampshire…”  Its clear that actively opposing bills such as SB 12 which was enacted into law on February 22, is not acting as the “citizens’ representative, to be the stewards of the fish wildlife and marine resources”.

Defeating the nomination of David Patch is a much needed step in reforming the Fish and Game Commission.

Thanks for you Consideration, very truly yours,

Thanks for your support!

Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

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