California gun control in New Hampshire?

by NHFC, Inc. on October 13, 2017

A few days ago I told you about the reactionary responses to the Las Vegas murderer by politicians who hate the Second Amendment and were just waiting for an excuse to take away your civil right to be armed.  Click here if you missed my email.

Even though the bill filing period in the New Hampshire House of Representatives is now closed, anti-gun Rep. Stephen Shurtleff has promised to ask the rules committee for an “exception” so that he can introduce a bill to ban so called “bump stocks”.

Right now, California is the only state that bans so called “bump stocks” and Rep. Shurlteff said that:

“This bill is based on the California Penal Code,”

That’s right anti-gun Rep. Shurtleff is trying to bring California style gun control to New Hampshire.

If Rep. Shurtleff is able to ban bump fire stocks, I am concerned about what might follow.

Bans on high magnification scopes?  Bans on magazines that hold more than a certain amount of cartridges?  Bans on firearms that Rep. Shurtleff deems to have to large of a caliber?  Bans on adjustable stocks?  Bans on certain types of inexpensive handguns?  Bans on custom guns?  Mandatory gun insurance?

As you might know, NHFC works closely with many other state level firearms civil rights organizations as well as Gun Owners of America.  We have seen all of these outlandish schemes and more.  And for every one of the above anti-gun schemes, there is truly a legitimate use for the gun accessory that people like Rep. Shurtleff want to ban.

This is why the Shurtleff gun accessory ban must be stopped!

Here’s what you can do to stop Rep. Shurtleff:

Click this link to see who the members of the House Rules Committee are and how to contact them.

Please send them this pre-written message:

Dear Members of the House Rules Committee:

Rep. Shurtleff is asking for an exception to the rules which would allow him to bring California style gun control to New Hampshire.  Please deny his request.  As the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition reported, the Shurtleff bump stock ban is a reaction to the Las Vegas murders and will open the door to more sweeping gun control. One of the benefits of New Hampshire’s citizen legislature is our limited bill filing period; this prevents reactionary bills like Rep. Shurtleff’s gun accessory ban. Please do not waive the rules to allow Rep. Shurtleff to introduce his bill.

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition told me that any exceptions granted by your committee will be considered an anti-gun vote.

Thanks for your consideration. 

Please email all members of the Rules Committee and if any of the members of the House Rules Committee respond to you, please send me a copy of their reply.

Thanks for your support!

In liberty,

Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

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