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by NHFC, Inc. on October 18, 2017

Over the past week, I warned you about Rep. Stephen Shurtleff’s (D-Merrimack 11) attempt to bring California Gun Control to New Hampshire.  If you missed those emails, I posted them on our website, click here for the first email and click here for the second, more detailed update.

Even though the bill filing period in the New Hampshire House of Representatives is now closed, anti-gun Rep. Stephen Shurtleff has promised to ask the Rules Committee for an “exception” so that he can introduce a bill to ban so called “bump stocks”.   And anti-gun Senator Jeff Woodburn (D-District 1) promised to introduce a Senate bill if the Rules Committee won’t allow Rep. Shurtleff to introduce his bill.

Yesterday I learned that there is a new twist to Rep. Shurlteff’s attempt to persuade the House Rules Committee to grant him an exception. Something that may have never happened before.  Speaker of the House, Shawn Jasper has been nominated by Governor Sununu to be our state’s next Agriculture Commissioner.   Deputy Speaker, Rep. Gene Chandler wants to be speaker and is also a member of the House Rules Committee.   This means he is the Ranking Member of the Rules Committee.  Please make sure you (603) 374-6603 and email Rep. Chandler and deliver our message, that no gun control is acceptable and to not allow Rep. Shurtleff to introduce his bill.

Right now, California is the only state that bans so called “bump stocks” and Rep. Shurlteff said that:

“This bill is based on the California Penal Code,”

That’s right anti-gun Rep. Shurtleff is trying to bring California style gun control to New Hampshire.

But it’s even worse than that, a ban on so called “bump stocks” has been filed in the US House of Representatives.  Gun Owners of America has analyzed that bill and concluded that it will ban far more than so called “bump stocks”.  GOA said that:

“First, there is no way that Congress — or the administration — will be able to ban or regulate bump stocks without also opening the door to prohibitions on other parts, accessories and magazines.

This is because all of the legislative proposals currently on the table would ban ANY item or device that helps “accelerate the rate of fire” of a semi-automatic firearm.

Using that standard, you can kiss your detachable magazines goodbye!

Based on GOAs analysis, If Rep. Shurtleff is able to ban bump fire stocks, I am concerned about what else might be swept up in such a ban.  Lighter, match grade triggers, enhanced buffers for competitive shooting, polished bolts and triggers?  The list of prohibited items could be endless.  Unlike real machineguns, semi-automatic firearms do not have a stated cyclic rate.  They will only fire as fast as a shooter can pull, then release then pull the trigger again.  Two people, shooting the same firearm will shoot it at different speeds.  There are many lawful devices that will allow someone to shoot a semi-automatic firearm faster.  The list of prohibited items will be virtually endless and could even include magazines that use a heavier than normal spring to feed cartridges into a semi-automatic firearm.

The Second Amendment and Article 2a both say that the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”  We at NHFC will not support any infringements of our rights — as they are not privileges from the government that can be revoked at will.To support an infringement on bump stocks will weaken our ability to oppose the next infringement that comes down the pike.

Anyone who supports a ban on bump stocks needs to realize that one can create the same “bump fire” effect using rubber bands or belt loops.  I wonder, will Rep. Shurtleff and Senator Woodburn try to ban these items next?

These are the reasons why the Shurtleff / Woodburn gun accessory ban must be stopped!  It can ban virtually anything.

Here’s what you can do to stop Rep. Shurtleff:

Click this link to see who the members of the House Rules Committee are and how to contact them.

Please send them this pre-written message:

Dear Members of the House Rules Committee:

Rep. Shurtleff is asking for an exception to the rules which would allow him to bring California style gun control to New Hampshire.  Please deny his request.  As the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition reported, Rep. Shurtleff is using the recent murders in Las Vegas as an excuse to enact sweeping gun control.  One of the benefits of New Hampshire’s citizen legislature is our limited bill filing period; this prevents reactionary bills like Rep. Shurtleff’s gun accessory ban. The filing period is over, please do not waive the rules to allow Rep. Shurtleff to introduce his bill.

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition told me that any exceptions granted by your committee are similar to two-thirds of the House of Representatives supporting Rep. Shurtleff’s request for a late bill introduction and will be considered an anti-gun vote.

Thanks for your consideration. 

Please email all members of the Rules Committee and if any of the members of the House Rules Committee respond to you, please send me a copy of their reply.

You should also contact Senator Woodburn and let him know that you know about his devious gun ban ideas and urge him to drop the idea of banning objects at once and focus on real criminals.

Thanks for your support!

In liberty,

Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

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