Help still needed to stop local gun bans…

by NHFC, Inc. on January 29, 2018

We have told you about HB 1749, which will provide an enforcement mechanism for existing state law that prohibits cities, towns and counties from regulating, taxing or prohibiting the sale, ownership and use of firearms.

We need you to contact all members of the House Municipal and County Government Committee.  I know that I asked you to do this before, but the Executive Session to debate the bill was postponed and we have been informed that it will now take place on Tuesday, January 30.  You do not need to attend.  However, we really do need you to contact all members of the Committee.

The committee cannot push this bill off any longer. The best thing you can do after contacting the committee at the email address below is to forward this email to your friends who own and use firearms and ask them to contact the committee as well. We need to make sure these Representatives hear from everyone who cares about their Second Amendment civil rights.We have been informed that Representative Mark McLean (R-Hillsborough 44) intends to offer an amendment, 2018-0220h.  We have asked our Counsel to review the amendment and it is a GOOD amendment which will make HB 1749 a BETTER bill.   We are asking all NHFC members and supporters to contact the House Municipal and County Government Committee and urge them to replace HB 1749 with Representative McLean’s amendment, 2018-0220h and then vote the bill “ought to pass”

Sample email to Committee Members which should be sent to,

Dear Representatives,

On January 30 your committee will decide the recommendation of HB1749.  Rep. McLean has drafted an amendment to HB 1749 which will, once and for all stop all local gun control. Numerous cities and towns, from Lebanon to Manchester are enacting gun bans that are prohibited by existing law. However, since R.S.A. 159:26 does not currently contain any penalties, these local officials are defying the will of the legislature. This was confirmed at your public hearing on January 10. Rep. McLean’s amendment, 2018-0220h will make HB 1749 a better bill and hopefully put an end to illegal gun bans. Please vote HB 1749 “ought to pass” with Rep. McLean’s amendment.

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition told me they will be monitoring the voting on HB 1749 and I will rely on their reporting to make sure you represent the will of the people.

Thanks for your anticipated support.

Please send an email to:

Please don’t put this off, the Executive Session will take place on January 30!

If any members of the Municipal and County Government Committee respond, please send me a copy:

Thanks for your support!

In liberty,

Alan M. Rice
President – NHFC, Inc.

PS: You might recall that I wrote to you about a terrible anti-gun bill, SB 500 which was introduced by Senator Kevin Avard (R-12) and Senator Jeb Bradley (R-3).  Sadly, these 2 Senators ignored your calls and emails and have refused to withdraw SB 500.  Therefore, we must focus our calls and emails on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Click here for contact information for all Judiciary Committee members.

SAMPLE EMAIL:  Please vote SB 500 Inexpedient to Legislate. This is an anti-gun bill that will greatly harm New Hampshire firearms owners by using the federal definition of a firearm as well as making tinkering changes to R.S.A. 207:7 regarding carrying arms in vehicles.  The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition told me that we can follow federal law without making it part of New Hampshire law and creating new regulations on frames, receivers and sound suppressors.  Please vote SB 500 ITL.

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