Leadership Team

Alan Rice, Vice President & Training Director

Alan Rice has been involved in the fight to protect our Second Amendment civil right to be armed for almost 30 years.  He is a founding Board Member of NHFC and served as our first Treasurer.  He said:

  • “If a right is worth having, it is worth fighting to protect.”

Alan has testified at dozens of legislative hearings, written numerous articles, served as NHFCs lead media contact and is also our primary representative on the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban.  see http://rightswatch.org/stop-gun-ban-petition

Alan is also an NRA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor (Instructor Trainer) and serves as NHFCs training director.    He volunteers hundreds of hours per year to NHFC to fight for our civil  right to be armed.


Rep. JR Hoell, Secretary Corportate Secretary – Rep. JR Hoell

JR Hoell has been a member of the NHFC Board of Directors for over 5 years.  Additionally, as a State Representative, JR has proven himself to be one of the most stalwart advocates in Concord for your right to keep and bear arms. Not only has he sponsored, or co-sponsored, numerous bills to roll back unconstitutional restrictions on your rights, including the best Constitutional Carry bill ever introduced anywhere in the country, JR has stood up to leadership when they wanted to undermine your rights, or pass half baked legislation that would have had dreadful costs for many gun-owners in NH.