Mission Statement

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Inc., (NHFC) is New Hampshire firearm owners’ strongest voice to State and Municipal government officials and agencies, and to the media. The NHFC seeks the widest scope for you to exercise your Second Amendment civil right to be armed.

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Inc. seeks:
● roll backs of laws restricting the types of firearms New Hampshire residents may own;
● expanding New Hampshire residents’ right to carry firearms, openly or concealed;
● strengthening protection for shooting clubs and ranges against encroachments/harassment;
● extending carry license validity beyond four years;
● increased concealed carry license reciprocity;
● strengthening protection for firearms manufacturers and dealers;
● educating reporters and editors about firearms and firearm related issues;
● educating public officials about firearms and firearm related issues;
● easing regulatory burdens on firearm buyers, sellers, and manufacturers;
● expansion of hunting seasons and areas;
● helping firearm-owners to better their shooting skills and to learn new ones.